SAP Chooses Globant to Establish Its First AppHaus in the Southern Cone of Latin America

Our partner Globant and SAP, leading companies in digital transformation and enterprise software, have inaugurated the first partner-led AppHaus in Argentina. This initiative aims to help businesses identify and act on innovation opportunities, rethink business processes, and deliver innovative solutions.

The Globant AppHaus Buenos Aires focuses on co-innovation with clients through the SAP Business Technology Platform, combining SAP’s enterprise technology with Globant’s extensive experience to guide companies in their digital acceleration journey.

Globant joins the global SAP AppHaus Network, a community of SAP teams and partners united by the belief that innovation requires a creative and inspiring environment. This network is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of designers, customer management leaders, and technology and business experts. Its human-centered methodology combines design thinking and architecture thinking techniques, which facilitate the development and creation of technologically feasible, financially viable solutions with customizable experiences.

“We are proud that SAP has chosen us to inaugurate the first AppHaus in Argentina. For 21 years, we have developed and helped clients implement end-to-end solutions to transform their businesses together with them. I have no doubt that this inauguration is just the beginning of a long journey towards co-creating great innovative projects,” said Fernando Montero Bolognini, Managing Director of Globant Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

“SAP’s vision is for all organizations to become agile, intelligent, and sustainable enterprises with the help of technology. The opening of this first AppHaus in Argentina is an important step in that direction. This collaboration with Globant will allow us to work with more clients and companies of all sizes and industries, helping them become more competitive in today’s digital economy,” said Fernanda Pérez, Country Manager of SAP Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

“The SAP AppHaus Network was created to drive innovation and generate a positive impact on society and business. We can see that Globant is working in the same direction, which excites us for the future. Their experience will expand our global SAP AppHaus Network, which currently includes 21 SAP partners who help us deliver excellent services to our clients,” added Mirela Viersa, Regional Head of the SAP AppHaus Network LAC at SAP.

With this joint commitment, Globant will further enhance its capabilities to provide tangible benefits to its clients and expand its service diversification, strengthening its market profile as a leader in digital acceleration with two decades of experience and presence in over 30 countries.

The inauguration of this innovative space was attended by Diego Schargorodsky, EVP of Globant Latin America, Fernando Montero Bolognini, Managing Director of Globant Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, Claudia Boeri, President of SAP Southern Region, Fernanda Pérez, Country Manager of SAP Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and Leandro Estanga, Chief Partner Officer for SAP Latin America and the Caribbean. The event also featured the prominent participation of Martin Wezowski, Chief Futurist Officer of SAP.

The Importance of SAP AppHaus

The SAP AppHaus Network is a collaborative innovation ecosystem that redefines how companies address challenges and unlock their potential by prioritizing the human experience.

The first SAP AppHaus was established in 2013, and there are now 24 worldwide. Three locations are owned by SAP, and 21 are managed by strategic partners like Globant. To date, the network has hosted around 4,200 workshops, received more than 96,000 visitors, and won over 80 awards.

SAP’s human-centered innovation approach begins with a design thinking process to understand the end user and identify real needs, followed by an iterative process, together with architectural thinking, to achieve the desired solution. The SAP AppHaus Network offers clients various levels of engagement, regardless of their maturity level: from discovering innovation opportunities, including actions such as reevaluating business processes and user interfaces, to delivering comprehensive and scalable solutions.

For more information about SAP AppHaus, visit SAP AppHaus Buenos Aires.