About Us

We are the first Argentine trade association to bring together service providers from every sector of the Knowledge Economy. Our mission is to create the conditions for the development of the knowledge-based service industry and the development of digital talent in Argentina, in addition to boosting our country’s exports and positioning Argentina as a global leader in the provision of Knowledge-based services.


Increase knowledge-based service exports, by positioning the KBS industry both socially and politically, improving the overall framework conditions and promoting Argentina as a high-quality KBS provider on a global scale.


Position Argentina as a global leader in the field of knowledge-based service exports.

Bring Argentina to the international spotlight

We aim to position Argentina as a key player in the knowledge-based service market at a global scale.

Develop talented human resources

We are working to develop high-quality human resources to supply the increasing demand for knowledge-based services in the medium and long term.

Improve business conditions

We work to create a nurturing environment for the development of the sector working in collaboration with the public sector, private enterprises, NGOs, SMEs, and civil society organizations.

Create awareness

By disseminating insights and fostering a deeper understanding among diverse audiences, we aim to showcase the transformative impact of the Knowledge Economy on societies and industries worldwide