CONICET reaffirms its position as the top governmental science institution in Latin America

In 2024, CONICET maintains its top ranking as the governmental science institution in Latin America, according to the results of the 16th edition of the Scimago Ranking (SIR), recently published. Among the government agencies in Latin America dedicated to research, CONICET once again holds the top spot in the ranking, followed by Mexico, Chile, and Brazil.

Furthermore, it ranks twentieth among 1870 governmental research institutions worldwide. Meanwhile, the Council is positioned 224th out of 9054 academic and scientific institutions analyzed worldwide, with 621 more organizations added to the ranking compared to the previous year. This year, CONICET also maintains its position as the top science institution in the country, across various sectors, domains, and types of institutions.

🔵CONICET maintains its position as the top governmental science institution in Latin America according to the 2024 Scimago Ranking. Additionally, it ranks 20th among governmental research institutions worldwide.

Since 2009, the SCImago Research Group has annually published the SIR, which reflects scientific activity worldwide. SIR World is presented as a leaderboard aimed at providing information on research performance, innovation, and social impact of institutions, characterizing them in terms of their scientific, economic, and social contributions.

According to its policies, the main objective pursued by SIR is to contribute to decision-making, the development of public and institutional policies, and the establishment of roadmaps for promoting research and continuous improvement of institutions.

SIR includes institutions from all countries and sectors that have published at least 100 documents in Scopus-indexed journals in the last year of the study period. In 2024, the measurement process was conducted based on 20 indicators grouped into three main factors: Research, Innovation, and Social Impact.