Argentina ranked #1 in Coursera’s Global Skills Index in the technology category

An investigation carried out by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that globally more than 50% of the workforce is at risk of losing their jobs to automation and a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum suggests that 42% of the core job skills required today will change substantially by 2022.

In this landscape of constant disruption, individuals, companies and governments are faced with the challenge of ensuring that they have the skills to remain competitive. In order to shed some light on the global skills landscape, Coursera (the world’s largest higher-education platform) released the first edition of its Global Skills Index (GSI).

Coursera focuses on Business, Data Science and Technology skills. In the Technology skills category, Argentina ranks first, followed by the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain and Poland.

“While many developing economies do not perform well on average, there are bright spots, including Argentina, who shine in the technology domain”, affirms the Harvard Business Review. “Argentina has developed a successful model that includes having its universities focus on teaching practical technology skills, and also has partnerships with governments to spur entrepreneurship.

Coursera brings together 40 million learners around the world with over 3,000 courses from leading universities and companies. Leveraging the unique learning data from the platform, the Global Skills Index measures and ranks the skills of 60 countries that together account for 80% of the world’s population and 95% of global GDP.